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Shangri-La’s Waterfall Café – Perfect Place For That Romantic Dinner Date

Recently, I have been a “date guru” of sorts. Not just food anymore. People asking me where to bring their girlfriends on a first date, first month anniversary, first year anniversary etc etc. Actually, I rather not recommend as I would never want to be guilty of recommending a ‘wrong’ place and spoiling that date (forever). ‘Wrong’ because I don’t believe that many wrong places when compared to wrong dates. I think the other party will be pretty impressed and delighted to have a dinner at Shangri-La Hotel’s Waterfall Café. It is very respectable, yet does not cost a......

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ShareTea - Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea – Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea remains one of my favourite bubbletea shops, so much so that I even went to Taipei for a one day training course. It was very enriching and made me realise so much work goes into a single cup. A fan of ShareTea too? The good news is Daniel’s...

June 13, 2012
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[Closed] Lucky13 - Miami-style Diner Impresses with Sumptuous Latin American Food

[Closed] Lucky13 – Miami-style Diner Impresses with Sumptuous Latin American Food

Lucky 13 is a Miami-style diner, bar and club which just opened at TripleOne Somerset. Helmed by Chef Garfield Angove from the United States, the menu would include some of the sexy Latin American and Mexican signature cuisines which include Quesadilla, grilled achiote chicken, Mexican style grilled steak, pressed...

May 10, 2012
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