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Monster Curry - Premium Roast Beef Japanese Curry Rice At $13.80, Plus 50% OFF Weekday Lunch Sets

Japanese Curry Rice on a whopping 34cm diameter plate, piled with ingredients of Pork Katsu, Fried Fish, Pork Shabu-Shabu, Tempura Shrimp AND Cheese. They did not call this restaurant “Monster Curry” for nothing. (Click PLAY for highlights of Monster Curry.) Monster Curry is a Japanese chain of restaurants that specializes in monster-sized curries at value-for-money pricing. Its signature Pork Katsu Curry for example, is priced at $13 for that size. Be ready with your appetite when you visit any of its 13 outlets all over Singapore, with its newest opened at Velocity @ Novena. Known as the only Japanese......

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