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Kagurazaka Saryo 神楽坂茶寮 - Japanese Matcha Teahouse With Matcha Nitro Drinks And Matcha Fondue, At VivoCity

Known to have 9 outlets in Japan with 14 years of history, Kagurazaka Saryo has opened its very first flagship store right in Singapore at VivoCity. Brought into Singapore by Japan Food Holdings who owns eateries such as Ajisen Ramen, they have replaced existing Fruit Paradise outlet (Oh bye bye, Fruit Paradise!) with Kagurazaka Saryo. Fans of fruit tarts from Fruit Paradise need not worry as the tarts are still available for purchase in slices or in whole at Kagurazaka Saryo. This is a Japanese teahouse that specialises in matcha desserts and drinks. Sounds like heaven for the matcha-holics?......

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