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Samjin Amook 삼진어묵 - Korea’s No. 1 Fishcake Brand Has Opened In Singapore, With 40 Different Fishcakes At ION Orchard

Good news for Korean fishcake lovers. Samjin Amook 삼진어묵, which is the NUMBER 1 Korean Fishcake brand, has opened its first and only international outlet in Singapore. Started in 1953 at Busan’s Yeong-Do Bong-Nae Traditional Market, Samjin Amook with a history of 65 years, boosts of a total of 20 outlets in South Korea as of now. The brand specialises in “amook” which is “fishcake” in Korean, a popular Korean food made from minced fish. Located at basement 4 at ION Orchard (right beside BAKE Cheesetart), Samjin Amook have adopted its signature “bakery-style” concept for its first Singapore outpost.......

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