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Innisfree Café - Korean Beauty Café With Lee Min Ho VR Experience, At Myeongdong Seoul

Talk about Innisfree, and some of my friends will sing praises of its beauty products, face masks and cosmetic products. So an Innisfree Café will naturally (pun not intended) make them excited about its offerings. I must say that Innisfree has been quite consistent with their branding and look comparatively, focusing on being natural, eco-friendly, and green. This Innisfree Green Café at Myeongdong is work of a brilliant extension of the beauty range, with its vibes and offering very appealing to the target of young females and the working class. (I am typing this entry using an Innisfree......

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Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World's Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World’s Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

There is a reason why this Japanese-French hybrid restaurant is called “Ryunique”, it does live up to its name. Ryunique which was started within Gangnam-gu Korea in 2012, speedily earned a spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, for its invention take on dishes and avant-garde presentation. It became...

February 26, 2016
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