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Coffeesmith – Popular Korean Café Coming To Singapore At Orchard Gateway, Opening 24 Hours During Fri & Sat

Popular Korean coffee chain coffeesmith will be opening soon in Singapore at Orchard Gateway. The good news is, it is likely to open 24 hours during Fridays and Saturdays. Coffee throughout the night! In the recent few years, Singapore has seen café chains from Korea setting up stores here, from Paris Baguette, Caffebene, Paik’s Coffee, to ‘Descendants of the Son café’ dal.komm Coffee. (Photo credit: coffeesmith.com.sg) Coffeesmith has also followed the same formula of advertising aggressively in Korean dramas, from “It’s OK. That’s Love”, “Punch”, “Sweet Stranger and Me”, “Mrs Cop” and “Ruby Ring”. (Okay, I havnt watched them.)......

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Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World's Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World’s Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

There is a reason why this Japanese-French hybrid restaurant is called “Ryunique”, it does live up to its name. Ryunique which was started within Gangnam-gu Korea in 2012, speedily earned a spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, for its invention take on dishes and avant-garde presentation. It became...

February 26, 2016
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