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KOI Thé Singapore – Popular Matcha Latte and Matcha Macchiato Launched At Toa Payoh

KOI Thé Singapore has pre-launched their popular limited edition Matcha Latte at the Toa Payoh outlet. For those of you who frequent Taiwan, you would have noticed the bubble milk tea chain 50嵐. It was re-branded as KOI when it expanded to other countries with more contemporary vibes to attract younger customers. (Click PLAY for video of KOI Matcha Latte.) I have actually tried the Matcha Latte 波霸抹茶拿鐵 at Taipei previously. It was touted as one of their best sellers, was a decent thirst-quencher, though I honestly didn’t think much of it then. Those were priced at TWD50 and......

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