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Kkanbu Chicken 깐부 치킨 - Korean Fried and Roast Chicken In Huge Portions, One Of Seoul's Best Chimaek

Other than Kyochon and Bonchon, the other popular Korean fried chicken chain shop you can find in Seoul is Kkanbu Chicken. Set up in 2006, “Kkanbu” means “the same team”, representing a best-friend or comrades relationship customers should have with their brand. The variety at Kkanbu is extensive, considering it mainly sells chicken – Garlic Soy Chicken, Hot Snow Chicken, Old School Chicken, Kkanbu Kara (soy sauce aged at low temperate as sauce), Boneless Chicken with Tteokbokki, Spicy Soy Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Garlic Roast Chicken, Green Onion Chicken and Tender Sweet Chicken. Price range between 14,000 to 20,000......

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