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Swensen’s – It’s the Mini Burger Bonanza

My memory of Swensen’s still remains at its ice cream, earthquake and Sticky Chewy Chocolate, though it has definitely revamped itself to include even Asian dishes such as Hokkien Mee and Claypot Noodles. And the 33 year-old restaurant just released a range of Gourmet Burger Bonanza, with six new mini burgers on the promotional menu. […]

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Paradise Dynasty – Multi-Coloured Xiao Long Bao

Paradise Dynasty was really quite gimmicky. Waitresses in gong-fu costume, chefs serving dumplings personally, tea masters pouring from a long spouted pot, and of course a 8-coloured Xiao Long Bao. The Paradise Group of Restaurants is certainly giving Ding Tai Feng and Crystal Jade a run of their money by serving local favourites Xiao Long […]

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Watami – She knelt down to take orders

Some numbers for this entry: Queued at 5:30pm. Got in at 6:30pm. Number of people left at the queue: 30 plus. Watami Group: founded in 1984 by Watanabe Miki at the age of 24. This branch at Ion Orchard: 631th branch in the world. No joke. Number of friends in this group dinner: 6. Number […]

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Men-ya Kaiko – A friend said it was very good

” I made my rounds around the basement 4 food maze of Ion Orchard, looking for that oiishii ramen from Hokkaido. Fred blogged that this was a MUST-TRY Ramen, better than the one upstairs, but having no other information except that the stall’s from Hokkaido. ” Therefore, I was quite full of anticipation for several […]

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Canton-i…. But Truly Malaysia Noodles

The usual man on the street will think twice before entering any restaurants Level 1 and above at Ion Orchard. “Check the price first!” While those below Level 1 are enjoying queue lines, the ones above are priced at the higher level as well. It was sheer curiosity that made me want to try out […]

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Lu Gang Xiao Zhen 鹿港小镇 – Recipes from Taiwan, Portions for Kids

I finally had the time to visit the very happening Ion Orchard during the weekends. But as expected, it was almost impossible to get find a place to dine in as the queues were extremely long. And while I was still in a very ‘Taiwan’ mood, I spotted a 鹿港小镇 managed by Asian Kitchens which […]

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