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10 Must-Eat Food At New Delhi, India – Not Just Butter Chicken And Chaat

Delhi loves to eat. The locals are fiercely possessive about their food and feel immensely proud of it. Not just the capital of India, full of history, art, and culture, Delhi is a destination for food lovers. The city is unique as the food found here is not just limited to North Indian dishes. Instead, you will see more localised versions of South India, Chinese, and of course Continental in diverse presentations and distinct flavours. In addition to this, restaurants that serve specialised cuisines like Korean, Parsi, Bihari, Kashmiri and many more can be found in......

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Bukhara, New Delhi - One Of India's Most Iconic And Best Restaurants, At ITC Maurya

Bukhara, New Delhi – One Of India’s Most Iconic And Best Restaurants, At ITC Maurya

Bukhara has a four-decade old legacy of presenting delicious tandoor cooked preparations, which have continued to impress patrons. Two words: simplistic sophistication. With importance give to flavours, its tandoori food has made Bukhara win many awards including being recognized among the World’s Best Restaurants. (It was included...

March 11, 2018
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