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Ho Hung Kee 何洪记 – 1 Michelin Star Wonton Noodles And Congee Restaurant In Hong Kong, At Hysan Place Causeway Bay

I remember the good old days when Ho Hung Kee 何洪记 was a casual eatery Causeway Bay serving one of the best wonton noodles and beef horfun ever. It was subsequently awarded a Michelin star, the first wonton noodle shop to be given the accolades. No, not even Mak’s Noodle had it. After rental issues at Causeway Bay, Ho Hung Kee 何洪记 moved to nearby Hysan Place, and the original shop was replaced by Chee Kei. (Chee Kei probably made a right move, because I still know of unsuspecting friends going there thinking it was the old......

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