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Kopi Tiam 咖啡店  - $15.50++ Laska

The truth was – this was not my first choice for the selection of restaurants under the Feed At Raffles promotion. Fourth in fact. Who won’t be, as Kopi Tiam had a reputation of serving ordinary hawker food at extraordinary prices. With Hainanese Chicken Rice at $17++, Popiah at $7++ per roll, Nasi Lemak at $15++, Chilli Crab at $55++ per serving and Teh Tarik at $6++, this was no ordinary coffee shop. Despite the price, Kopi Tiam had been serving for more than 18 years, known as the up-market place that offered the best of Singapore local delights......

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Where's the Best Beef Hor Fun?

Where’s the Best Beef Hor Fun?

Though Beef Hor Fun is never termed as one of the local delights, this popular dish has huge fans throughout. Still, it’s very easy to go wrong on this one. Clumpy Hor Fun (not stir fried well), white in colour (this is not San Lao!), tasteless and thin sauce (not enough...

October 16, 2008
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