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Cz'Zar 新品味小厨 - Hawker Food At A Restaurant

One could only imagine what kind of food a restaurant called Cz’zar would sell. Italian? Egyptian? Located at Great World City next to up-market fashionable furniture store iwannagohome, you could envisage fine European dining. Correction. It simply means ‘zhi char’ – in Mandarin literally ‘cook and fry’, in reference to the de rigueur use of frying dishes in woks.  So it’s hawker food in an atas restaurant …  With exquisite interior design of the signature black and red, along with hanging designer lights, and serving staff tucked in au courant uniforms. No more sweaty uncles and irritable aunties for a......

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Where's the Best Beef Hor Fun?

Where’s the Best Beef Hor Fun?

Though Beef Hor Fun is never termed as one of the local delights, this popular dish has huge fans throughout. Still, it’s very easy to go wrong on this one. Clumpy Hor Fun (not stir fried well), white in colour (this is not San Lao!), tasteless and thin sauce (not enough...

October 16, 2008
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