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Haráru Izakaya - 1st Muslim Owned Izakaya in Singapore, For Japanese Food With Tatami Dining Experience

Haráru Izakaya has indicated that it is the 1st Muslim Owned Izakaya in Singapore, boosting of a modern ‘bar’ with tatami dining experience. Even though the Japanese word “izakaya” 居酒屋 technically represents a casual gastropub, there is NO ALCOHOL sold at Haráru Izakaya. Only mocktails, flavoured sodas, dealcoholized wines, fruit juices and Japanese style milkshakes. Located at 16 Bussorah Street, Haráru Izakaya is in the heart of Kampong Glam, of walking distance from the iconic Sultan Mosque, about 10 minutes away from Bugis MRT. The counter seating is on the ground floor, while the tatami area is on the......

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