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Geumgang Bogeul Bogeul - 40-Year Old Restaurant Specialising In Seokkeo Jjigae (Squid Stew) At Myeongdong Seoul

During travels, taking the alternative route may lead you to hidden corners and the whole-in-the-wall food shops that is worth every bit of that discovery. While Myeongdong is known for its touristy shopping, street food and shops selling all types of facial shops, it is a land of well-known restaurants and hidden gems. I happened to find Geumgang Bogeul Bogeul, a 3rd generation Seokkeo Jjigae restaurant with a 40-year history. Seokkeo Jjigae is made by simmering squid and pork with a hot pepper paste-based sauce. Geumgang Bogeul Bogeul serves up a variety of stews, including Ojingeo Seokkeo Jjigae......

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