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Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Café - Singapore’s Only Pescetarian Café

Before I even start the review, we should first talk about being ‘pescetarian’ – those who abstain from eating all meat except fish and other forms of seafood in their diet. This café started with a mother’s love for her son. She wanted him to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle since young and therefore carried out in-depth food research and cooking experiments. The idea eventually snowballed into this first pescetarian café in Singapore, located at Eastwood Centre opposite Bedok Food Centre. And if you are wondering, her son is called Dann. Dann’s Daily Pescetarian Café has just launched......

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Minoriya - No kidding. Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet at $17 Nett

Minoriya – No kidding. Japanese Ala-Carte Buffet at $17 Nett

Minoriya means Harvest House, and this will probably give you an indication of the variety of food items in this Japanese ala-carte buffet restaurant. There is a total of 98 choices, ranging from sashimi, sushi, temaki, makimono, ippinmono (appetizer), itamemono (pan-fried), agemono (deep-fried), yakimono (grilled), gohan, noodles and soups....

July 27, 2011
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