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Doux Amour - Super Cute Animal Choux Pastry Puffs From Sydney. Get The Rosie Pig If You Want To

There is no lack of instagrammable café food in Sydney, and these cute animal-shaped cookie choux puffs from Doux Amour quickly landed in my “must-eat” (or more correctly “must-shoot”) list. Doux Amour is situated in Roseberry, considered relatively new in the market. On top of the popular choux puffs, this celebrated café offers customised cakes to order. The Rosebery outlet has an interior of exposed-brick walled lined with Polaroids, with comprehensive menu of an array of hot and cold drinks, coffee with beans from Paul Bassett, Belgian waffles, éclairs, and macarons. (While you are there, Three Blue Ducks,......

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