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Dookki Singapore 두끼 - 1st Korean Tteokbokki Buffet At Suntec City, Only $18.80

Daebak! A Korean tteokbokki (rice cakes) buffet at only $18.80? I couldn’t contain my excitement and immediately jio-ed my K-Pop/ K-drama/ K fanatics (K whatever) chingu down! Also because they had nothing to look forward to after Goblins ended. Pali-Pali! ”Dookki”, which means ‘Two meals’ in Korean, originated from Korea in 2014, and has over 100 outlets worldwide. Two meals literally means to start the first meal with a Korean hotpot style, and end off with kimchi fried rice. It was a steal for the price tag of $18.80 for adults, and $10.80 for children (of height between 110......

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