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The Green Ducklings – Café Offering Unconventional Food From Cereal Prawn Pasta, Smoked Salmon Cake To Carrot Cake With Nacho Cheese

The food items on the menu may get you noticing… Unagi Sandwich, Century Egg Pasta, Carrot Cake with Nacho Cheese. Though I would say nothing there would beat Smoked Salmon Cake in terms of unconventionality. Want/dare to try? The Green Ducklings is newly opened at The Concourse Shopping Mall at Beach Road, with Wakey Wakey as its neighbours. The café is set up by two “green ducklings” who were previously culinary students from Temasek Polytechnic. After 4 years in the industry, the two friends have decided that working for others in the F&B field is “not well paid” with......

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