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Tong Heng - Famous Egg Tart Shop Revamps With Sit-Down Cafe And Atas Setting

While Hong Kong has Tai Cheong Bakery and Honolulu Café, Singapore’s most famous egg tarts makers should be Tong Heng. The egg tart and Chinese pastry shop has recently undergone a rebranding exercise, and opened to a newly revamped space and a sit-down café area. More “atas” (upmarket) now! Gone is the part traditional part kopitiam like setting. I think it is a much-needed and welcomed change, as colourful boxes of bright yellow, pinkish-red and baby blue line the wall. The display of neat rows of Egg Tarts and Mooncakes were attractive, as curious tourists stepped in to escape......

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Whatever Cafe - It's Vege-Paradiso at Whatever

Whatever Cafe – It’s Vege-Paradiso at Whatever

Vegetarians can rejoice at Whatever Café (not to be mistaken for that ‘Whatever/Anything’ canned drink), a diner fronted by the “mystical” Whatever Yoga/Bookstore/Healing Space along the very hip Keong Saik Street. Dining amidst mystical New Age books, Tarots, Astrological charts, enchanting Angelic charms, Wiccan spells and healing crystals, the menu...

July 03, 2008
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