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Emack & Bolio’s – Super Instagrammable Ice Cream & Cones. Also Featured In A Korean Odyssey "Hwayugi"

In Singapore, Ben & Jerry’s is one of our go-to ice cream shops for a sugar rush. Since Hong Kong no longer has Ben & Jerry’s, the closest equivalent here would be Emack & Bolio’s. It was already known to be an instagrammable treat, but the Korean drama series A Korean Odyssey (or Hwayugi 화유기) further intensified my cravings when the lead characters Son Oh-gong and Samjang (acted by Lee Seung-gi and Oh Yeon-seo) kept up having them. Birthed in Boston, USA, Emack & Bolio’s was started in 1975 by a music lawyer/self-declared hippie as a place......

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