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Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Marina Square)

The Mummy Returns at a Hong Kong Cafe. Almost quite so. You can drop by The Marina Square’s Xin Wang with terracotta warrior figurines and plaster pictures of old Chinese officials around. It’s like the Red Cliff meets The Mummy Returns 3.  High score on the interior design. This is my second write-up on Xin Wang Café. Open 24 hours on weekends and till 2am on weekdays, the café has become a popular hangout for cinema goers and ktv-poppers after a night’s out with good friends. When my friends arrived from London, I thought that the red and comfortable circular booths, and......

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Hong Kong Cafés - Which is the Best?

Hong Kong Cafés – Which is the Best?

Hong Kong Cafés here, there, and everywhere – they have proliferated in our country! We are not complaining. They provide us with hundreds of items of the menu. Nevermind if they are even authentic or Cantonese to begin with. From toasts, tim sums, tea-time snacks, baked rice, Nissin noodles and...

July 11, 2008
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