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Raindrops Cafe - A Ray of Sunshine at Scape

As the saying goes, “The first drops of rain always bring a smile on our faces “. Raindrop Café is the new kid of the block that will probably bring a smile to yours. Located at the corner of *Scape, Raindrops café was surrounded by green grass, tall trees and walled with glass, like a greenhouse found in the middle of cloud nine. The setting was intimate and cosy, amidst the hustle-bustle of the Orchard shopping district. Established by a group of 5 friends who knew each other since their university days, the food and ambience looked set to......

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Tong Shui Café - Shanghai Eclectic Pink

Tong Shui Café – Shanghai Eclectic Pink

Shocking pink and lime green walls – if ‘clash’ is the word, then clashed it shall be. With interiors said to be inspired by the Shanghai-French experience, Tong Shui is all out to make that difference. Raymond Khoo, Managing Director of Tong Shui says, “Whilst the recipes are all something that...

August 01, 2008
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