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White Dog Café - Nothing to Bark About

The only reason I am eating here is because it’s called ‘White Dog Café’. I thought that this could be an interesting theme café, half expecting to have ‘doggy meals’ served in a serving dish. When I asked the serving staff why the place is called White Dog Cafe, the response was “There’s no reason. It’s just so.”  That was quite an anti-climax from my initial excitement. At least they didn’t cook up some fake stories about a dead best friend. The Ambience Black walls with circular motifs, white floor with strips, red booth seats, and purple chairs –......

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Tong Shui Café - Shanghai Eclectic Pink

Tong Shui Café – Shanghai Eclectic Pink

Shocking pink and lime green walls – if ‘clash’ is the word, then clashed it shall be. With interiors said to be inspired by the Shanghai-French experience, Tong Shui is all out to make that difference. Raymond Khoo, Managing Director of Tong Shui says, “Whilst the recipes are all something that...

August 01, 2008
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Hong Kong Cafés - Which is the Best?

Hong Kong Cafés – Which is the Best?

Hong Kong Cafés here, there, and everywhere – they have proliferated in our country! We are not complaining. They provide us with hundreds of items of the menu. Nevermind if they are even authentic or Cantonese to begin with. From toasts, tim sums, tea-time snacks, baked rice, Nissin noodles and...

July 11, 2008
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