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Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles – Insta-worthy Egglet Desserts, From Muslim-Owned Ice Cream Shop At Bussorah Street

Making its round on social media, one cannot help but being attracted to Lickety’s visually appealing pastel-colored shop front as well as their eye-catching Hong Kong-styled egglet(鸡蛋仔)served in a bouquet. The color combination reminded me of unicorns, My Little Pony, and rainbow pastel paddle pop ice cream. The egglet trend first originated from Oddies Foodies found at Hong Kong, after which Singapore had a series of egglet products sprouting from 2016. Hvala, The Coffee Academics, NICEDAY… some of them had already moved on from egglets. However, that didn’t deter Lickety from reigniting peoples’ love for these egglet desserts. Located......

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