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Don Meijin 丼名人 - Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon At Bugis+. You Wanna Try?

What will the Japanese feel when they find Singapore chilli crab sauce doused over tempura? At least it is not salted egg sauce, but never say never. Don Meijin 丼名人 is a donburi eatery added to the Ramen Champion fleet at Bugis+, located at Level 4. The eatery offers a couple of donburi items, including Tendon ($13.80), Roast Beef Don ($18.80), Pork Shogayaki Don ($12.80), Jumbo Chicken Katsu Don ($13.80) and a most intriguing Spicy Chilli Crab Tendon ($14.80). A mini Udon set is available as add-on for a $3.00 top-up. The Tendon may remind you of other Tendon......

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