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Bobii Frutii 珍珠水果特調 - Taiwan’s Instagrammable Bubble Tea, At Yong Kang Street And Eslite Xinyi

Is this the return Of The Taiwanese Bubble Tea craze in Singapore? The last few months, we were faced with the introduction of LiHo, return of Gong Cha and the appearance of many new shops such as PlayMade 丸作 with freshly made pearls. Catching up on the trend of both Taiwanese bubble tea and Instagrammable drinks such as colourful layered drinks seen in night markets, Taiwanese-brand Bobii Frutii will be opening its very first store in Singapore at The Clementi Mall. Known for their beautiful (and Instagrammable) layers made using milk, tea and colourful pearls, with no......

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ShareTea - Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea – Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea remains one of my favourite bubbletea shops, so much so that I even went to Taipei for a one day training course. It was very enriching and made me realise so much work goes into a single cup. A fan of ShareTea too? The good news is Daniel’s...

June 13, 2012
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