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Hoi On Cafe 海安咖啡室 – Nostalgic Bing Sutt Cafe In Sheung Wan, One Of "The 38 Essential Hong Kong Restaurants" To Visit

In Hong Kong, there is no lack of Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong-style cafés) but the predecessor version of a place for a light meal known as “Bing Sutt” is a diminishing trade. Literally translated as “ice room”, these are traditional cold drinking houses found between the 1950s-60s. Currently, there could be less than 20 of such “Bing Sutt” left as many have given way to skyrocketing rents and aging owners. Hoi On 海安咖啡室 is one such “Bing Sutt” still standing strong in the high rental Sheung Wan area. It is listed as “The 38 Essential Hong......

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