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Nayuki 奈雪の茶 - Popular Cheese Tea Bakery Café Opens In Singapore, At Vivocity

There are no signs of stopping for the Cheese Tea wave in Singapore, with the popular Nayuki 奈雪の茶 has opened in Singapore. (Click PLAY for video highlights of Nayuki 奈雪の茶.) With over 180 stores across China and well-loved by celebrities, this flagship at Vivocity is Nayuki’s 1st overseas outlet. You may wonder, ”Wait, another Cheese Tea shop?” Not quite the same. The key feature of Nayuki is that it pairs premium fresh-fruit teas and soft euro bread. The brand is considered the pioneer of this concept, inspiring a wave of tea bakeries across Asia. Originating from Shenzhen, the brand......

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