Tag: 天津蔥抓餅

Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancake 天津蔥抓餅 - Popular Crispy Pancakes At Yong Kang Street, Taipei

A flaky Scallion (spring onion) Pancake is a delicious snack that can be found in Taiwan, prepared empty or filled with a variety of toppings like spicy sauce, cheese, ham, and eggs. Some of my Singaporean friends call this the “Roti Prata”. Well, yes and no. While dozens of stands in Taipei sell this mouth-watering snack, Tian Jin Flaky Scallion Pancake 天津蔥抓餅 is the one of the most popular found at Yong Kang Street. Their stand is located in the Da’an District next to a Pho Place, diagonally opposite Smoothie House 思慕昔, of short walking distance from Yong......

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