Tag: 亚华粿條

Ah Hua Kway Teow 亚华粿條 (Restoran Sekee) - Tasty Teochew Style Rice Noodles At JB, Cooked Over Charcoal

During the drive down to JB in search for food, my ‘JB regular’ friend Diana recommended Ah Hua Kway Teow 亚华粿條 as our number 1 stop. Some people call it the “Restoran Sekee Kway Teow” as the stall is located in this coffeeshop at Jalan Segget, located a short walk away from the Causeway. “Sekee” here imply taxi drivers. It is the only remaining stall remaining there. Walking into the coffeeshop, the interior brought back loads of childhood memories, as its rundown look (the walls, the tiles, the clock, the calendar) remind me of the yesteryears, especially......

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