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Bongchu Jjimdak 봉추찜닭 - The Other Must Try Jjimdak Restaurant At Seoul

“The Korean teacher says Bongchu Jjimdak is better,” which was why we made our way to this jjimdak restaurant. Better than which one – she didn’t announce, but we assumed it is the popular Andong Zzimdak (with the ‘Z’). Even my tour guide says so “Bongchu”. Andong jjimdak is a chicken dish mixed with vegetables marinated in a ganjang Korean soy sauce based sauce, originated from Andong City. The name literally means “Andong’s steamed chicken.” To make things a little more complicated, this restaurant was first called Andong Jjim-Dak when it first started in 2000 at DaeHak-ro, but was......

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