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Common Ground Korea - Instagrammable Container Market With Food & Shopping For Youths In Seoul

Common Ground 커먼그라운드 is Korea’s first pop-up area built with shipping containers, and you may be first attracted by the large containers in that particular shade of blue. Well, making this a literal Instagram and OOTD heaven. (Click PLAY for video highlights of Common Ground.) The market is located near the Konkuk University, which makes it an attraction of sorts to youths in the vicinity. It is not difficult to spot travellers and students alike, armed with selfie sticks, shooting wefies and videos to upload (Some of them are indeed masters in posing.) Yeah, that kind of place.......

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Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World's Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

Ryunique Seoul – One Of The World’s Best Restaurants, Like Eating Pieces Of Art

There is a reason why this Japanese-French hybrid restaurant is called “Ryunique”, it does live up to its name. Ryunique which was started within Gangnam-gu Korea in 2012, speedily earned a spot on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, for its invention take on dishes and avant-garde presentation. It became...

February 26, 2016
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