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Sangkaya – Malaysia Coconut Ice Cream Creamery Opened at Johor Bahru Next to Checkpoint

Malaysian brand Sangkaya with 36 outlets across Malaysia has opened their latest outlet at Johor Bahru, just walking distance from JB checkpoint. Previously, the nearest outlet from Singapore was at Mount Austin, Johor Bahru, some 15.2km away and required a vehicle. But now, the creamery is more accessible. 2 storeys high with a homely feel, wifi access (to upload #FOTD, #OOTD, #POTD etc) and a comfortable grass carpet for lazing around and people watching. The menu consisted of purely coconuts. Coconut Icecream in a husk (RM 9.90, SGD$3.30), in a cup (RM 6.90, SGD$2.30), in a......

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