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Elemen - Creative Vegetarian Food That Surprises, At Millenia Walk And Thomson Plaza

Friends and readers have asked me frequently for vegetarian restaurant recommendations, though they may have certain impressions about vegetarian food – that it can be plain, super healthy-tasting (ie not delicious enough) or just full of mock meat. Elemen 元素, located at both Millenia Walk and Thomson Plaza, could just change that perception. (Click PLAY for video highlights of Elemen.) For that matter, even though it is a vegetarian restaurant, more than 70 per cent of the diners are not vegetarians. (For meat-lovers, this is a consideration if you have vegetarian or vegan friends in your group or family.)......

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Whatever Cafe - It's Vege-Paradiso at Whatever

Whatever Cafe – It’s Vege-Paradiso at Whatever

Vegetarians can rejoice at Whatever Café (not to be mistaken for that ‘Whatever/Anything’ canned drink), a diner fronted by the “mystical” Whatever Yoga/Bookstore/Healing Space along the very hip Keong Saik Street. Dining amidst mystical New Age books, Tarots, Astrological charts, enchanting Angelic charms, Wiccan spells and healing crystals, the menu...

July 03, 2008
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