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MBK Foodcourt - Bangkok Delights for 50 Baht

This is strange. I miss Thailand, even though I was there just last week. Maybe that’s why. Thailand has an impeccable charm, and the food somehow cannot be replicated here. And here I am, lazing on bed on a rainy morning, dreaming about that hot piping bowl of Beef Soup from MBK Center food court. Most tour-savvy Singaporeans should be familiar MBK – There would be throngs of us there in any long public holiday weekend. You can hear it from the “lah”, “leh”, “ah-boy, stopping running ah!” and parents feeding their 7-year old children food. The MBK Food......

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Flying Chillis - Not Very Crowded, Why Ah?

Flying Chillis – Not Very Crowded, Why Ah?

I find this rather peculiar. This restaurant is right smack at the centre of the crowded and popular [email protected] The décor is open-concept with modern and cosy furnituring complemented with wide selection Thai cuisines. Yet, it is not as packed and accepted as it should be. And I know...

May 24, 2010
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