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Fukuya Mentaiko – Experience Flavours of Mentaiko at Takashimaya Singapore

Mentaiko 明太子 is quite an underrated side dish of the Japanese cuisine culture, at least in Singapore. Yet, we do see it in on sushi, rice dons, onigiri, ramen, and inside tamago dishes. Here are some interesting facts I found about Mentaiko: This marinated roe of the Alaskan pollock was actually introduced to Japan from Korea. The Busan-born Japanese Kawahara Toshio through trial and error refined the flavour from Korean cod roe, and subsequently introduced Mentaiko to the Japanese in 1949. So Mentaiko had its roots from a humble grocery store at Hakata. Mentaiko is not exactly cheap due......

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Menzo Butao - Ramen Shop at Marina Square's New Dining Edition

Menzo Butao – Ramen Shop at Marina Square’s New Dining Edition

Marina Square has recently undergone a $15 million with a dedicated food-restaurant section called The Dining Edition – featuring 16 mid-to-upscale restaurants and cafés. Several of these are new-to-local market brands like Lady M, Carnivore Appetite, Nuvo, Saigon Lotus, Shallots, Supreme Tastes Jiang Nan Cuisine and Hamanoya. Good excuse...

July 29, 2013
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