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Sari Bundo – Culture Shock At A Padang Restaurant In Jakarta Indonesia

Eating at a Padang Restaurant can be quite a culture shock to many tourists, but also a memorable experience. I would recommend a Padang meal whenever you are at Indonesia to get a taste of their traditional cuisine almost all at once – like a buffet. Ibu brought us to Sari Bunda, one of Jakarta’s most known Padang restaurants which has been around since 1967. The car parked right in from the shop which is flanked with local street food stalls selling fruits. I do not know how to get here, but most taxi drivers should know......

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Simply said, this is Indonesia’s answer to KFC. While Ayam Penyet (Flattened Fried Chicken) hasn’t exactly taken Singapore by stomp, it has increasingly gained its following over the last two years. The word “Waroeng” means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve reasonably priced food, while “Penyet” means flattened. ...

June 14, 2013
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