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HolyDuck - Famous Balinese Crispy Duck And Other Dishes At Reasonable Prices, Pantai Indah Kapuk Jakarta

If Beijing has Peking duck, then Bali has Crispy Duck. The dish was originated in the area of Ubud, Bali where each duck is carefully seasoned, steamed or boiled then deep-fried, served with jasmine rice, vegetable and sambal(s) condiments. It was so well known locally (even internationally) that it did not take too much time for Balinese Crispy Duck to reach Jakarta’s shore. Chains of Balinese Crispy Duck eateries soon began to pop up throughout the city. My personal favorite place to get this duck is at HolyDuck – a casual Balinese restaurant which specialize in crispy Balinese......

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Simply said, this is Indonesia’s answer to KFC. While Ayam Penyet (Flattened Fried Chicken) hasn’t exactly taken Singapore by stomp, it has increasingly gained its following over the last two years. The word “Waroeng” means a traditional hut in Indonesia that serve reasonably priced food, while “Penyet” means flattened. ...

June 14, 2013
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