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Mak Siu Kee Traditional Wonton Noodle 麥兆記雲吞麵 - Underrated, One Of The Best

In the search for Hong Kong’s best wonton noodles. Many would say Mak’s. My question would be: Which Mak’s? Some would assume that any noodles named “Mak’s” would be the same. Isn’t it? Actually, no. A little on Hong Kong wonton noodles history. The famed dish was brought over to Hong Kong by “wonton noodle” master Mak Woon-chi from Guangzhou. All the different variations of “Mak” branded noodles are run by various family members and disciples (I am just waiting the day someone makes a TVB drama out of this.) The most known Mak’s Noodles at Wellington......

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