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Ah Yat – Abalone In My Fried Rice

Just the other day, my pal was sharing what he had for lunch, “Oh, not a lot lah. Just simple shark’s fin, bird nest and abalone.” Fortunately, he did not say he had bird’s nest to rinse his mouth. It turned out he was having an “abalone three treasure meal” at Ah Yat Tian Xia (阿一天下) which offered all three delicacies of braised shark’s fin, superior bird nest and abalone rice for a reasonable price of $29.80. Good deal. Another promotion was the Baked Whole Abalone with Fried Rice at $16.80 with the second portion (you could choose Abalone......

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Pen Cai 盆菜 - A Basin of Goodies

Pen Cai 盆菜 – A Basin of Goodies

It is only in recent years that 盆菜 Pen Cai has become a ‘staple’ during the Chinese New Year period in Singapore. And it wasn’t even a traditional CNY dish to begin with! It was said that Pen Cai (Poon Choi) was invented when Mongol troops invaded Song China....

January 12, 2009
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