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5 Most Searched Food Posts 2012

According to Google’s annual Zeitgeist, Singapore’s most searched “Food and Drinks” keywords are: 1 Rainbow Cake, 2 Chilled Beancurd (Tau Hway), 3 Cupcakes, 4 Chocolate Cake, 5 Sushi. 6 Korean Bbq, 7 Pizza, 8 Fried Chicken, 9 Xiao Long Bao, 10 Fish And Chips I would think I have contributed to a few words up there, especially No. 2 (haha). If you ask me, Buffet, Ramen, Brunch, Eggs Benedict, and Pancakes should have made it to the list too. Really, more Singaporeans search for ‘Fish and Chips’ than ‘Buffets’? Interesting in terms of food types, the most popular search......

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