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  1. I absolutely love your prata man logo….super cute!! 🙂 so glad I stumbled upon your blog!!

  2. Hey Daniel, love your blog. Very from-the-heart, I like 🙂 Hey if you’re still working on your food book, i’d love to help. Food’s my passion and writing’s my profession 😛 Let me know k? Cheers!

  3. saw your blog finally.. i need more time to check on the archives so i wont miss anything.. its interesting.. 🙂 hope i could join your zumba class again this Sunday.. :p

  4. hey daniel! very nice getting to meet you today and knowing another food blogger 🙂 jiayou for ALL the other things (the many many other things!) that you’re doing! 😀 don’t overwork! 😀

  5. Hi, Daniel. Gd 2 c u here. I do love 2 eat but must exercise else become potato. I jus curious about your occupation, u r a lecturer? teacher? Radio DJ? Trainer? Instructor? Food confectioner? As u seem BSBH-(bao shan bao hai). Anyway, wish u all d best watever u r doing.

  6. i like mr prataman with the tag line mark 6:42 :)))

  7. Hey, thanks for this blog. I’ve got lots of inputs about places to eat by reading this blog!


  8. This blog is awesome and i hope you continue posting more 😀 . I will keep coming back and visit you !
    Thanks so much (: .

  9. Hi there.

    Lets say someone wanted to advertise a sponsored post on your site, what would it cost?


  10. hi may i send you a private.. inside story to the whole event..

  11. or may i even call you to discuss about this..
    i am lee kuan yew” niece please dont post..

  12. Hi Daniel

    Heard about you and the white dinner with clemen chiang. Did you read about clemen Chiang’s past history. Google his name and you can find them..

  13. Loved your blog and was unable to subscribe via the email thingy. Something about not having subscription feed.

  14. Hi Daniel, thanks for your fantastic food blog! 🙂 If not for your comprehensive and interesting blog, my colleagues and I won’t have tested the yummy Dakgalbi at the Big Mama Korean Restaurant:

    Can you please recommend a Korean restaurant in Singapore that serves delicious Oxtail Bone Soup (

    • Hi YC Yeoh, thanks for the support! Big Mama will be happy to hear that. I am not so much a Korean cuisine person, but if I find excellent Oxtail Bone Soup, I will definitely FB/instagram or blog about it. 🙂

  15. NorZalina Mohd : January 1, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Hi Daniel,
    Sun coffee at Zion has closed. Last they said they will shift to woodlands. But I do not know where. Plse update if you know. Thanks

  16. Dear Daniel,

    love your blog!
    Being Singaporean and based in Hong Kong makes me think of home and all the good food in Singapore!

    keep it up!


  17. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your article on the Boycott Jollibee issue.


  18. Hey love your food blog, however could you include the price range of the various shops? thanks

  19. Hi Daniel, I chanced on your blog entry about zumba and I’m inspired – to say the least. Any recommendations as to where and how to start.

  20. Do you sell green tea cake.

  21. Hi Daniel,
    My name is Nayantara. I live in Singapore and recently started my own food blog ( Just wanted to check with you if you know of any food bloggers group here in Singapore or some kind of community to get everyone together? I'd really appreciate your help! 🙂

    • You can try joining the “Singapore Food Blogger” group in Facebook. Welcome to the blogging world! 🙂

  22. Hi Daniel, kudos to the salivating photos on Instagram. Your food photography is indeed a piece of art. Quick question (my apologies if they were asked before): Are those photos on Instagram taken by DSLR or phone? Thanks, C

  23. You should check out Crepe Culture for their Mille Crepe cakes at 125 bukit Merah Lane, opposite Queensway Shopping centre.

  24. Hi, I am interested in advertising my Indian Veg restaurant on your page. Pl advice how can be proceed further.


  25. Hi Daniel, Emailed! 🙂

  26. Hey, I tried leaving a comment on one of your posts about HK but was unable to! Anyway, just wanted to say that I think your blog is really cute. I’m headed to HK next month and will definitely be keeping the restaurants you recommended in mind! Would love to know if you had any advice on where to stay as well!

  27. Love your blog!

    Wondering if you have any recommendations for good pie/tarts in Singapore?


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  29. Hi! I am a student working on a project regarding Tiong Bahru and the recents cafes and restaurants that have appeared in the area. I noticed that you have reviewed quite a number of them in your blog.

    Would you be so kind as to help me fill up this survey regarding the Tiong Bahru estate? It will take less than 10 mins at most, thank you for your time!

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  30. Hi Daniel , recently I discover a new cupcake shop , call IWANNA at raffles place , the cake is so

  31. E cake is so much moisture , if u have time can u drop by and give a try or comment it thanks

  32. Hi Daniel, do you know where to find super power Orr Jian in Singapore? hahaha thanks 🙂

  33. Hi Daniel

    Do you know where to get good and authentic claypot rice in Hongkong?

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    My name is Redi and I am an Advertising Buyer.

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  35. Hi Daniel,

    I am currently planning a team building activity as part of the welfare programme in our company. I came across your blog and would like to enquire on the rates you would charge for food photography lessons. The target audience will be less than 20 pax. and I would prefer it to be a once-off event.

    Looking forward to your reply!

    Management Office

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  38. Hello Daniel!

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  39. Dear Daniel,

    We would like to be featured in your blog. How to we get started?


  40. We opening a new seafood restn at tao payah north
    Next to sph called monster crab seafood
    Key in this name in facebook n u will see
    We keen to advertise on yr web
    Do call me 90034866

  41. Hi Daniel, chance upon a hidden gem at kallang way – Joo Chiat Beef King. The beef is very tender and nice, very generous serving at a very competitive rate for a restaurant. You might wanna check it out. 158 Kallang Way #01-05 Performance Building S(349245).

  42. Hello Daniel!
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  43. Here we are !!!
    Thank you for your support
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  44. Hi Daniel,
    I have launched a revolutionary new business in Singapore which promotes home cooking. My service is to give easy to cook recipes along with fresh, measured ingredients so that the customers can simply cook and enjoy the meals with their loved ones. Not only are the meals very tasty they are healthy too. Would love to hear from you on how we can collaborate.
    Loved your blog BTW!

  45. Hi, Daniel,

    I’m Song I from the Korea. As you know, your blog is so popular in Korea.
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    If you are interested in this proposal, please contact me.
    Thank you for your consideraion.

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  46. Hello Daniel

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    Red Hot Chillibuddy Mookata is located at 273 Tanjong Katong Road 437056.

    • Hi Clifton (and all other restaurant owners), do NOT leave your contacts here, as I won’t respond to them as stated.

  47. Hi Clifton (and all other restaurant owners), do NOT leave your contacts here, as I won't respond to them as stated.

  48. We would like to invite you to our Beerfest Brewery Restaurant, at 4 Rochester road, for your review if possible. Let us know how does it work the best with you!?
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  53. Awesome blog! Informative. Excellent for a foodie like me! Thanks for sharing.

  54. Hi Daniel, have been trying to get in touch as we want to proceed with what we discussed previously! Please get back to us as soon as you can!

  55. Hi Daniel, I’m grateful for all your undates on food establishment..
    may I ask you if there’s any place to go for “豆腐宴”? Any unique & delicious tou fu dishes can recommend pls, thx

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    Hi Daniel,

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  59. HI Daniel,

    You came by crown coffee some months back and took a really nice photo the chicken pesto panini. Would you mind us using it for our marketing poster?


  60. Dear Daniel,

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  66. subscription feed
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  67. Hi
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  68. Hi Daniel!

    It’s such an honour to be featured in your Food Blog! Thank you so much!

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    Thanks again!!

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