HEYTEA – NEW Brown Sugar Brûlée Bobo Milk Tea & Oreo Bobo Tea, At ION Orchard

HEYTEA – NEW Brown Sugar Brûlée Bobo Milk Tea & Oreo Bobo Tea, At ION Orchard

Lovers of the trendy brown sugar bubble milk tea got to get ready for this new launch.

HEYTEA Singapore 喜茶 at ION Orchard B4 – known for their cheese teas and fruit teas, has launched their NEW upgraded versions of Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea – Brûlée Bobo Tea & Oreo Bobo Tea.


On top of the chewy bobo pearls, milk (or milk tea), there will be a layer of cream foam, powdered with brown sugar, then torched for a thin, crusty caramelised layer.

Literally Brown Sugar Bubble Milk “up-level”.

Here are 10 things about the brand-new HEYTEA Bobo Tea series:

1. Top-selling Brown Sugar Milk drink in China
The Bobo Tea range, especially the Brûlée Milk Tea, has been one of the top-selling drinks on HEYTEA’s menu in China.

HEYTEA actually created its first cup of Brûlée Milk Tea in 2012, but further refined its recipe over the years to the current form which is velvety-smooth.

2. Brûlée Bobo Tea and Oreo Bobo Tea
It is expected that queues will form again for the hot favourites of the Bobo Tea Series – Brûlée Bobo tea ($4.50) or Oreo Bobo Tea ($4.80).

Alternatively, there are versions without the cream foam as well.

3. Brown Sugar crème brûlée cap
The “brûlée” effect is achieved by first topping the cup with smooth cream foam, sprinkled over with brown sugar bits, then torched lightly for just a couple of seconds – all to get that thin crunch and sweet sugary fragrance.

For the Oreo Bobo Tea, Oreo cookie bits are included at the top for added crunch, giving the drink a delightful bite and chocolatey taste.

4. Top up brown sugar crème brûlée for FREE
In addition, fans of their brown sugar crème brûlée can get a top up for FREE. Simply request for more brûlée at the counter when ordering.

5. Chewy Bobo pearls slow-cooked with brown sugar
The chewy Bobo pearls used in HEYTEA are made from natural tapioca, slow-cooked in a combination of various types of brown sugar.

More than one type of brown sugar is used to get that stronger, more intense caramel taste; and no brown sugar syrup is used.

The pearls are cooked by hand daily, for a number of hours to get right texture with a pleasurable bite, and absorbed with brown sugar fragrance for a more decadent treat.

6. Base of fresh milk or fresh milk tea
For the base of the drink, you can choose between fresh milk or fresh milk tea. The level of sweetness of amount of pearls can also be adjusted to your liking.

The milk used for the Bobo Tea series is 100% pure fresh milk, and does not contain any non-dairy creamers.

Between the two, I personally preferred the Fresh Milk for the taste of pure creaminess and fuller mouth-feel.

7. Premium red tea leaves used
Specially sourced premium red tea leaves from India are used to brew the red tea used in HEYTEA’s Milk Tea base.

8. ‘Right way’ to drink Bobo Tea
HEYTEA has designed drink covers specially for the consumption of these drinks, with instructions on the drink cover itself.

Step 1: Use the small spoon to first taste the top layer of caramelized brown sugar and brûlée (or Oreo).

Step 2: Insert the straw, mix pearls and brown sugar evenly before taking a huge sip. Enjoy!

9. Customise drinks with variety of toppings
Create your favourites by a variety of toppings which includes Cheezo ($1.60), Oreo ($0.90), Grapefruit Pulps ($0.50), Ice Cream ($1.60), and Bobo Pops ($0.60).

10. Bobo ice cream
Other than the Singapore-exclusive of Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream ($4.80) – which is my personal favourite flavour here, and D24 Durian ($4.80), the newly launched Bobo ice cream should get bubbl fans excited.

This contains Tea King Ice Cream with that subtle tea taste, added with bobo peals in the middle, drizzled with brown sugar for a complete finish.

Giveaway: Get FREE Bobo Tea at The Bobo Truck
On 15 and 16 December 2018 (Saturday and Sunday), 2pm outside ION Orchard, there will be 200 bottles of Bobo Tea to be given away.

All you need to do is to wear polka dots (say a polka dot tee or dress – big dots small dots doesn’t matter), head over to the Bobo Truck outside ION Orchard to receive the free tea. Limited to 100 bottles per day while stocks last.

There are 3 other chances to win prizes: (15 – 16 Dec 2018)
1. Screenshot Bobo Tea content from HEYTEA’s Instagram account and flash to the staff at the Bobo Truck to redeem a chance at the lucky draw.

2. Take a photo of the Bobo Truck, and post on your social media platforms (set to public). Show the posting to the staff to receive free stickers.

3. Get a go at the “Pick the Bobo” game for a change to receive a free gift. Pick 20 or more ping pong bobo from one basket to another within 30 seconds to receive another self-chosen gift.

HEYTEA Singapore
ION Orchard Mall, 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-29, Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT)
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm


* This entry is brought to you in partnership with HEYTEA.

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