10 Top Buffet Restaurants In Singapore, With 1-For-1 Deals And Up To 50% OFF Buffet Prices

Singapore buffet

Ready for All-you-can eat Wagyu, Seafood, Champagne Brunch and more? I think we can all agree that Singaporeans love buffets, AND good deals.

Now you can score 1-for-1 buffets and up to 50% OFF discounts to more than 20 Top Buffet Spots in Singapore, with buffet prices starting from $19.80++ for 2 diners.

The list includes top-tier buffet restaurants in Singapore such as Edge, Oscar’s, Ash & Elm, Triple Three Restaurant, Seasonal Tastes, The Carvery, Sky 22, Crystal Jade Kitchen (Causeway Point & The Centrepoint), and Shin Minori (Katong Square).

Here’s how it goes: Chope and Visa have partnered to bring you unbeatable “Buffet-licious” deals, so you can enjoy more, and at a lower cost.

All you need to do is to pre-purchase these dining vouchers to enjoy discounts off the meals.

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Ash & Elm
Level 1, InterContinental® Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966

If you are for fresh produce and quality food, this is for you. Ash & Elm has revamped their brunch classics, featuring some of the best of Spring’s produce, from asparagus and spinach, to rhubarb.

There are three distinct themes: the land, the sea and the garden, in which you can choose from a selection of nine à la minute petit plates.

Aside from the plates, Ash & Elm boasts a wide selection of premium seafood on ice, including Boston lobsters, French oysters and Australian yabbies; succulent roasts from the signature Charcoal Grill oven; and luscious caviar.

Yes, unlimited caviar.

DFD Recommends: Basil Risotto with Mushrooms
My personal recommendation would be the Basil Risotto with mushrooms, parmesan, and parsley under the “From the Garden” category.

Served as a small plate to the table, you get a creamy dish enriched with mushrooms, and completed with the light aroma of basil. While most people have the impression that risotto can be heavy, this is easy on the palate, yet equally satisfying.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 20% off when you pre-purchase the Semi-Buffet and Champagne Brunch at Ash & Elm

Monday-Saturday, 12:00pm to 3:00pm
$22.40++ appetizer & dessert (U.P. $28++ per pax)
$30.40++ appetizer & dessert with a choice of main course (U.P. $38++ per pax)

Champagne Brunch
Sunday Only, 12:00pm to 3:00pm
$78.40++ with beverage (U.P. $98++ per pax)
$110.40++ with unlimited champagne (U.P. $138++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Ash & Elm (Intercontinental Singapore)

Triple Three
333 Mandarin Orchard Singapore, Singapore 238867

Did you know that Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard Singapore offers a different buffet theme every night?

These include International Mondays with free-flow Kirin draught; Foie Gras Tuesdays; Kumamoto Wagyu Wednesdays; Okinawa Thursdays featuring Blue Fin Tuna and more; and Lobster Weekends.

Besides the themed food, look out for their seafood medley, with over ten live stations and a delectable dessert collection.

DFD Recommends: Lobster Mentaiyaki
Tip: Do not miss out the dish of the day during the weekends – Lobster Mentaiyaki.

This signature dish features fresh lobster covered in savoury mentaiko cream, grilled to glorious perfection.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 1-for-1 deals when you pre-purchase the Lunch Buffet and 50% off the 2nd diner when you pre-purchase the Dinner Buffet at Triple Three Restaurant.

1-for-1 Lunch Buffet
Monday-Saturday, 12:00pm-2:30pm
$78++ for 2 adults (U.P. $156++ for 2 adults)

1-for-1 Sunday Family Lunch Buffet
Sunday Only, 12:00pm-2:30pm
$118++ for 2 adults (U.P. $236++ for 2 adults)

50% off 2nd diner Dinner Buffet
Sunday-Wednesday, 6:30pm-10:00pm
$132++ for 2 adults (U.P. $176++ for 2 adults)

50% off 2nd diner Dinner Buffet
Thursday-Saturday, 6:30pm-10:00pm
$162++ for 2 adults (U.P. $216++ for 2 adults)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Triple Three Restaurant (Mandarin Orchard)

Crystal Jade Kitchen – The Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road #03-43, The Centrepoint Singapore 238843

Crystal Jade Kitchen – Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square, #05-10, Causeway Point Singapore 738099
Tel: +65 65 6891 1779

Crystal Jade Kitchen, known for its Cantonese style dishes, should be a familiar name to many. For the dim sum lovers, there are more than 20 popular items to choose amongst their extensive high tea buffet menu.

Their freshly-made items range from steamed favourites such as the oozy Steamed Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun and Steamed Cheong Fun with Sesame and Peanut Paste; to delightful deep-fried bites of Deep-fried Salted Egg Shrimp with Cheong Fun.

It is a multi-textured creation with salted egg roe and shrimp within a dough fritter wrapped with a delicate layer of rice roll.

DFD Recommends: Animal-shaped Lotus Paste Bun
These are cute and fluffy hedgehog, chick and piglet-shaped baos. Brace yourself to tear them apart, and savour the hot and smooth white lotus seed filling. It is great that they are not too sweet.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 24% off when you pre-purchase the Dim-Sum High Tea Buffet at Crystal Jade Kitchen Centrepoint and Causeway Point

Dim-Sum Buffet High Tea
Monday – Friday, 3:00pm-5:00pm
$18.80++ per pax (U.P. $24.80++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Crystal Jade Kitchen (Causeway Point & The Centrepoint outlets)

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant – Katong Square
88 East Coast Road #02-08 Katong Square Singapore 423371

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant has opened a new outlet in the East at Katong Square. For the value-for-money lunch buffet, you get to choose from more than 160 items on an ala-carte menu.

It includes 7 varieties of fresh sashimi, 21 varieties of nigiri sushi, 17 varieties of hand rolls, 24 varieties of sushi rolls, 4 kinds of teppanyaki dishes, gyoza, pizza and tempura, 27 varieties of sumiyaki dishes and over 60 types of cooked dishes. So much food.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 1-for-1 deals when you pre-purchase the Buffet Lunch at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant @ Katong Square.

1-for-1 Lunch Buffet
Mondays to Fridays, 11:30am-2:30pm
$41.90++ for 2 adults (U.P. $83.80++ for 2 adults)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Shin Minori (Katong Square)

Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595

7 live food theatres, 16 stations offering signature delights, and more than 100 dishes and desserts.

The award-winning Edge offers the freshest seafood on ice, traditional roasts, freshly-made pasta, a Farmer’s Cheese Theatre, Asian delights, Nyonya heritage food, and a huge dessert station with a Chocolate fountain.

Coupled with an energetic vibe, it is without a doubt one of my favourite buffet restaurants in Singapore.

DFD Recommends: The Asian Noodles Live Stations
Piping hot noodles have always been my weakness, and it didn’t help that the KL Tai Lok Noodles and the Nyonya Laska with Prawns stations are just opposite each other.

So I ordered BOTH.

Loved, loved the KL dark sauced Hokkien Mee, which was fried with a generous amount of seafood and chicken, and completed with wok-hei.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 20% off when you pre-purchase the Buffet Lunch and Dinner at Edge, Pan Pacific Hotel.

Buffet Lunch
Monday-Thursday, 12:00pm to 2:30pm
$41.60++ per pax (U.P. $52++ per pax)

Buffet Dinner
Monday-Tuesday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
$62.40++ per pax (U.P. $78++ per pax)

Wednesday-Thursday, 6:30pm to 10:30pm
$70.40++ per pax (U.P. $88++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Edge (Pan Pacific Singapore)

Hai Tien Lo
Pan Pacific Singapore Level 3, 7 Raffles Boulevard Marina Square, Singapore 039595

Hai Tien Lo is known for its traditional Cantonese cuisine with a contemporary twist.

The favourites at the all-you-can-eat weekday lunch buffet includes Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumplings with Crab Roe; Deep-Fried Beancurd Skin with Prawn Paste and White Silver Fish; Steamed Spinach Dumplings with Prawns and Fragrant Minced Garlic; and Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings with Truffles.

Also included are a la carte orders of Hai Tien Lo Specialty (limited to 3 choices per table) such as Barbecued Meat Duo Combination, Barbecued Honey-glazed Pork,Smoked Duck with Sesame Sauce Salad, and Stir-Fried Pork Ribs with Draft Beer.

That’s not all. Each guest is entitled to a complimentary serving of Chilled Homemade Bean Curd with Bird’s Nest.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 10% off when you pre-purchase the Dim Sum Buffet Lunch at Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Hotel.

Dim Sum Buffet Lunch
Monday-Friday, 12:00pm to 2:30pm
$52.92++ per pax (U.P. $58.80++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Hai Tien Lo (Pan Pacific Singapore)

The Carvery
Level 7, Park Hotel Alexandra, Singapore 159972

Helmed by Park Hotel Alexandra’s Executive Chef Ian Hioe, The Carvery boasts an expansive three-metre long meat carving station.

On display are three to four top-quality cuts of beef, lamb, pork and chicken, where an experienced carver is always ready to serve up the diners’ preferred cuts.

For a complete carvery experience, pair your meat selection with a variety of condiments and sauces such as specialty fine salts, house-made butters (anchovy and truffle) and a myriad of sauces.

DFD Recommends: Beef Prime Rib
This prized cut of grain-fed beef is from the back of the upper rib section of the steer and is loved for its rich and robust flavour.

The Australian Beef prime rib is dry-aged in-house to further intensify the taste and tenderise the meat.

When sliced, you get a distinct rosy pink centre cut that stretches evenly from edge to edge.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 1-for-1 deals when you pre-purchase the Weekday Lunch Buffet and Weekday Dinner Buffet at The Carvery.

1-for-1 Weekday Lunch Buffet
Monday-Thursday, 12:00pm – 2:30pm
S$38++ for 2 adults (U.P. $76++ for 2 adults)

1-for-1 Weekday Dinner Buffet
Monday-Thursday, 6:00pm – 10:00pm
$56++ for 2 adults (U.P. $112++ for 2 adults)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: The Carvery (Park Hotel Group Alexandra)

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore Level 32, 12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2, Singapore 018961

Seasonal Tastes at Level 32 of The Westin Singapore offers a live interactive kitchen concept and a panoramic view of Singapore’s Marina Bay and the South China Sea through its floor-to-ceiling windows.

Its selection includes a luscious spread of the freshest seafood, crustaceans and salmon sashimi; ‘live’ carving station with a hearty selection of roasts and prime cuts; cooked-to-order pasta; and a dessert counter with instagrammable cakes and gelato.

DFD Recommends: Avocado Gelato
The item I would rate Number 1, was actually the last thing I had during the buffet (considering that I was already full). The in-house gelato was smooth, creamy, and packed with a distinct avocado taste.

I was glad the gelato was light, as it acted as a refreshing palate cleanser after a potentially heavy meal. Hence, do save some room for this. (Other flavours include coconut and chocolate, but the avocado was the most delicious and unique.)

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 1-for-1 deals when you pre-purchase the Dinner Buffet at Seasonal Tastes.

1-for-1 Buffet Dinner
Monday-Sunday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$88++ per 2 adults (U.P. $176++ for 2 adults)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Seasonal Tastes (Westin Singapore)

Conrad Centennial Singapore, Lobby level, Two Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038982

Oscar’s at Conrad Centennial Singapore has further charged its “Supercharged Sunday Brunch” with significant additions.

That means more food, and even more value.

Not forgetting the freshest seafood (Boston lobsters anyone?) and oysters at the seafood bar, an array of international hot dishes, 4 metre-long salad bar, and decadent desserts – you certainly have to leave room for the cakes.

DFD Recommends: Outdoor Charcoal Grill (for Sunday brunch)
You will be sure to smell the BBQ aroma before reaching, as the grill is located outside, at The Terrace (so don’t miss it).

What you get include hot-off-the-grill fresh lobsters and prime cuts of beef with homemade sauces of blue cheese and cognac, thyme veal jus, habanero tomatillo and an Asian coconut dip.

Remember to bring the number peg along, and food will be served to your table.

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 20% off when you pre-purchase the Buffet Lunch, Buffet Dinner and Sunday Brunch at Oscar’s.

Buffet Lunch
Monday-Saturday, 12:00pm-2:30pm
$47.20++ per person (U.P. $59++ per pax)

Buffet Dinner
Sunday-Thursday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$57.60++ per person (U.P. $72++ per pax)

Friday-Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$66.40++ per person (U.P. $83++ per pax)

Sunday Brunch
Sunday Only, 12:30pm-3:30pm
$78.40++ per person (Buffet only; U.P. $98++ per pax)
S$102.40++ per person (with free flow of sparkling and house wines, draft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar; U.P. $128++ per pax)
S$134.40++ per person (with free flow of champagne, premium wines, bottled Hitachino Nest craft beers and craft Gin & Tonic Bar; U.P. $168++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Oscar’s (Conrad Centennial Singapore)

Sky 22
99 Irrawaddy Road, Level 22 of Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena

Located on the 22nd floor, Sky22 at Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena is one of the places for buffet in Singapore with a stunning view. It has a contemporary space featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Here, you will get to see the scenes surrounding Novena, and panoramic views of the nature.

Food-wise, the focus is on healthy, wholesome culinary creations and distinctive Singaporean fare.

DFD Recommends: Tiger Prawn Laksa Lemak (Main course or ala carte)
An elevated version of the nyonya delight. This Singaporean favourite uses thick vermicelli, charred tiger prawns, quail eggs, beancurd puffs and fish cake, all dosed in a rich spicy coconut

Buffet-licious Deals: Enjoy 25% off when you pre-purchase Weekend Lunch and/or Dinner Buffets at Sky22.

Weekend Lunch Buffet
Saturday-Sunday, 12:00pm-2:30pm
$28.50++ per pax (U.P. $38++ per pax)

Weekend Dinner Buffet
Friday-Saturday, 6:00pm-10:00pm
$36++ per pax (U.P. $48++ per pax)

Make your reservation and buy Vouchers via Chope: Sky22 (Courtyard By Marriott Singapore Novena)

Reserve via Chope, Have a Buffet-licious Deal, and Enjoy an Extra $10 Off
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* Promotional code is valid till 31 December 2018, for the first 2,000 redemptions, and limited to one-time use per diner only. Other T&Cs apply.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Chope. The views expressed here are of DFD and do not represent views of Visa and associated companies.

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