The Good Boys Cafe – Heart-Shaped Matcha Fruit Bowl and Acai Bowl At Tai Seng

Subscribe: When I first suggested to my friends to visit The Good Boys for healthy fruit bowls, I was told that this is not “my kind of food”. Looks too healthy? But being a good boy (just kidding), I went ahead and visit them The Good Boys at Tai Seng. On a side note, the underground mrt linkway to 18 Tai Seng is now opened. There is no need to brave the sun and rain to get a taste of Hawker Chan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Tsuta Ramen. Located next to 23 Jumpin at Irving Place, The Good Boys offer items that will probably attract the office crowd or the health-conscious people working nearby. Think Fruit Juices ($4.50/$5.50), Smoothies ($6/$7) and Super Bowls ($12) packed with lots of antioxidants, which are immune boosters. My attention was quickly drawn to those heart-shaped wooden bowls (please don’t bring them home) on the tables next to us. Each of the Super Bowl ($12) is presented in that manner, carefully arranged in different outlooks. #MyBowlisBetterThanYours 5 different Super Bowls are available: Fruity Matcha (signature), Acai Bowl, Crimson Lush with beetroot & dates, Going Nuts with peanut butter & maca and Viva Amazonia with acai and banana. As a matcha lover, the choice is obvious – Fruity Matcha ($12) made up of mango, bananas, passionfruit, matcha powder blended together and sprinkled with chia seeds, pineapple and dates. The portion is quite substantial in quantity with a smooth texture and a fruity taste. I loved the oats, almonds and sunflower seeds in it which gave it an additional crunch. The taste was well balanced, but the matcha taste was overwhelmed by the citrusy passionfruit added though. For a less filling option, The Good Juices ($4.50) and The Super Juices ($5.50) are available. The … Continue reading The Good Boys Cafe – Heart-Shaped Matcha Fruit Bowl and Acai Bowl At Tai Seng