8 Stalls Of Instagrammable Sweet Treats At The Seletar Mall – Raclette Cheese Churros, Rainbow Ruby, Thai Milk Tea Softserve, Ondeh Ondeh Muah Chee

8 Stalls Of Instagrammable Sweet Treats At The Seletar Mall - Raclette Cheese Churros, Rainbow Ruby, Thai Milk Tea Softserve, Ondeh Ondeh Muah Chee

This is for the Sengkang and Punggol friends. If you are craving for creative and instagrammable desserts and food, make your way down to “A Tale of Sweet Treats” happening at The Seletar Mall from now till 30 July 2017.

There are 8 stalls serving up more than 20 different types of interesting offerings, from Raclette Cheese Churros, Thai Rainbow Ruby, Thai Ice Milk Tea Softserve, Toasted Flavoured Marshmallows, Ondeh Ondeh Cake in a jar, Salted Egg Muah Chee, Handcrafted Durian Ice Cream, Traditional Ice Ball to Character Macarons.

The stalls are specially curated to fit the theme, and also allow residents in the vicinity to experience food that you don’t often see.

While some of these are experienced vendors, they are also showcasing new creations available for the very first time.

Here are some of the sweet treats you can expect:

All Natural Berry Ice Cream Frappe by Honey Berries
What to expect: Bucket Mixed Berry Blast ($8), Berry Gelato Rose – alcoholic ($12), Cha-Yen Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.50), Cha Yen Frappe ($4), Churros with Signature Sauce ($5), Raclette Cheese Churros with Sauce ($8)

Honey Berries is known for its Berry Gelato Smoothie, made with natural ingredients only. If you are up to it, get the bucket version, which I would recommend you to share with friends.

The highlight is the Berry Gelato Rose, and I was slightly surprised to see a bottle of Hoegaarden Rosée inverted into the tub of smoothie. The entire combination contained a naturally sweet brew with a fruity aroma. Do not worry too much about getting drunk, as the bottle contained 3% alcohol.

Raclette cheese lovers can also look forward to the Churros, added with a homemade savoury sauce that made the entire plate taste, well, like pasta.

Roasted Gourmet Marshmallow by The Wicked Cream SG
What to expect: Roasted Gourmet Marshmallows ($4 for 1 stick of 3 pieces), Artisan Soft Serve Ice Cream –Thai Ice Milk Tea ($4), Gourmet Marshmallows in Gift Jars ($15+)

These torched-cubed Gourmet Marshmallows in many exciting flavours have made their way around Instagram after appearing in popular food events such as the Artbox.

You can expect flavours from Salted Egg, Uji Matcha, After 8 Mint, Red Velvet, Charcoal Lemonade, Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Roasted Black Sesame to Chocolat Ferrero.

Newly introduced to The Seletar Mall fair is the Hojicha-Chocolate flavour, though I would have personally preferred more Hojicha and less Chocolate.

I reckon that the Thai Ice Milk Tea Flavour Soft Serve will be popular too, and this is the first time The Wicked Cream SG will be showcasing it.

Handcrafted Ice Cream by Scoopz
What to expect: Handcrafted Real Fruits Ice Cream ($3.50), Mango Freeze Ice ($6.80, $8.80 with ice cream), Eggless Cookies

Scoopz has actually been around since 1996, a long time for F&B in Singapore.

They pride themselves as Singapore’s first home grown handcrafted ice cream seller. That means they use an unprocessed method without machineries during the production process.

The result is ice cream with no preservatives and lesser air content, therefore creamier and denser than the usual.

Owner Mr Alex Chua recommended the Durian Ice Cream flavour with pride, which I agree is a smooth and tasty version – almost feel like you are having the real fruit.

Get the Mango Freeze Ice which would be ‘fried’ live on the spot, topped with a scoop of ice cream of seasonal flavours.

Thai Sweet Treats by Azalea
What to expect: Rainbow Ice Ruby ($3), Thai Tako ($3), Coco Mango Cup ($3), Thai Mango Sticky Rice ($4)

This Thai restaurant from Golden Mile Complex will be offering some of their best-selling desserts including the signature Thai Iced Rubies and Tapioca Cake.

Instead of the typical Red Rubies, theirs come with multi-coloured waterchestnut filled tapioca dough, in coconut milk and crushed ice. Refreshing.

Another notable creation is the Coco Mango Cup, which is the popular Thai Mango Sticky Rice in a cup, added with a scoop of ice cream – to cater those who prefer a smaller portion. Room for more then.

Rainbow Delights
What to expect: Traditional Ice Ball ($2), Rainbow Tapioca Cake ($2 for 6 pieces, $3 for 10), Rainbow Huat Kueh ($2 for small, $3 for big)

Children who have yet to experience this ‘long-lost’ dessert in Singapore – the Traditional Ice Ball, should totally give it a go.

While we used to eat this with our bare hands when we were young, this would be served in a plastic bag so that you can still experience the fun of holding something so cold in your hands.

For those craving for old-school cakes, go for the Rainbow Tapioca Cake and Huat Kueh, which should bring you back in time.

Team Muah Chee
What to expect: Bandung Muah Chee ($3), Ondeh Ondeh Muah Chee ($3), Muah Chee with Salted Egg Topping ($5)

This is probably Singapore’s 1st Bandung, Pandan and Salted Egg Muah Chee.

Fun fact: Though the owner is trained as a Kway Teow Mee hawker, he always want to try something new, therefore the creative twist to the familiar traditional muah chee.

I tried the Ondeh Ondeh Muah Chee ($3) which kind of worked with its shaved coconut topping, except that I wished it was warmer. Let me know what you think of the Salted Egg Muah Chee!

Sweet Treats In A Jar by Whats That Food
What to expect: Ondeh Ondeh Cake Jar, Flower Delight Jar ($5 for 1 jar, $9 for 2)

The favourite dessert of Ondeh Ondeh ‘deconstructed’ into a jar, which contains pandan cake with coconut flakes and whipped coconut cream, drizzled with Gula Melaka. This is also the 1st time Whats That Food is showcasing this new creation.

If you would prefer something less sweet and more ‘floral’, go for the Flower Delight with Lavender Mousse layered with earl grey jelly and biscuit crumbs.

I heard that both jars were sold out by evening during Day 1 of the fair.

Cartoons World by Angel Baker
What to expect: Character Cupcakes, Character Macarons

The cakes and pastries by Angel Baker are freshly made by their talented Taiwanese pastry chef. Good to know that their products are made with less sugar to cater to customers who prefer less-sweet pastries.

All their Macarons are hand-made, featuring over 50 cute characters from Hello Kitty, Minion, Keroppi, to animals of pinky pigs, blue penguins, and yellow chicks. Mix and match as you wish.

A Tale of Sweet Treats is happening now for a limited period at The Seletar Mall till 30 July 2017.

The Seletar Mall
33 Sengkang West Avenue Singapore 797653 (Fernvale LRT)
Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Seletar Mall.

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