Wild Rocket – Mod-Sin Restaurant Offers Pasta Dishes, From Laksa Ravioli To Thai Curry Fettuccine

Wild Rocket - Mod-Sin Restaurant Offers Pasta Dishes, From Laksa Ravioli To Thai Curry Fettuccine

After a short break, Wild Rocket by Chef Willin Low has returned, offering freshly-made pasta dishes.

In between, the lawyer-turn-chef Willin has reflected and rejuvenated with travels from Japan to the Northern Lights, to get further inspirations on both food and life.

He probably needed that rest, after being involved in many projects from urban contemporary local dishes with PO at Warehouse Hotel, home-grown Roxy Laksa at Timbre+ to curry puffs at petrol stations. Add the occasional appearances on television shows and movies.

Willin was kind of everywhere.

When asked why he would introduce pastas in his Mod-Sin restaurant Wild Rocket, ”Our Mod Sin pasta have been very well received so we thought how else to make it better. Since my sous chefs and I came from Italian restaurants background we thought, let’s do it.”

He added that he loved freshly made pasta, but it was hard to find that in Singapore even at some Italian restaurants.

”We are probably the only non-Italian restaurant making fresh pasta.”

You can experience the pasta from the ala carte menu ($29 – $30++), as part of the dinner four-course meal ($73++), or the Omakase meal ($128 for nine-course).

The 3 new signatures include Spanner Crab Ravioli & Daun Kesom Ravioli In Laksa Broth ($30), Thai Red Curry Duck Confit Fettuccine ($29), and Har Ji Spaghetti with Bottarga (cured fish roe), Prawns and Kaffir ($30). There would be some occasional specials, so you may like to check with the staff.

My favourite was the Thai Red Curry Duck Confit Fettuccine ($29). After a trip to Italy, I could attest that you almost cannot turn back after having so many types of freshly-made pasta – the bite, the chew, the mouthful is just different.

It managed to marry the richness, intensity and spiciness of this Thai dish well into the pasta, still full of flavours but not overly fiery. (Though some might still feel that notch of heat.)

I liked that there were Thai pea eggplants within, one of my favourite components in the Thai green curry, this time soft and easy on the bite.

Wild Rocket also has great affinity with Laksa. They always open the restaurant with a new Laksa dish, from Laksa Pesto Linguine to Laksa Uni Risotto.

This time, you get to experience Spanner Crab Ravioli & Daun Kesom Ravioli In Laksa Broth ($30). A tad pricey, but there are two types of hand-hand ravioli in a single dish – one with crab and prawns, the other with laksa pesto.

The broth was light yet lemak (coconuty-rich), as though as you are having a more delicate version of Roxy Laksa.

The other two pasta dishes that I tried, a Har Ji Spaghetti ($30) and Rendang Oxtail Pappardelle ($28) bordered on being more ordinary.

While inspired by the Hong Kong style shrimp egg roe noodles, the Har Ji Spaghetti felt ‘limp’, and the roe somehow couldn’t ‘lift’ up the taste as what I would have imagined.

Desserts can bring you back to childhood with Milo Dinosaur with Chocolate Tau Tew Tempeh Crunch Ice Cream ($16) and Pisang Cekodok Banana Kueh with Pineapple Sorbet & Salted Caramel ($16).

Wild Rocket
The Hangout Hotel, 10A Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228119
Tel: +65 6339 9448
Opening Hours: Lunch 12.00pm – 3.00pm Last Seating 2:00pm (Tues – Sat)
Dinner 6.30pm – 10.30pm Last Seating 9:30pm (Mon – Sat, Closed Sun)
Reserve Online Now – Wild Rocket

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