Canton Paradise – NEW Outlet At Marina Bay Sands + Unbelievable S$1 Deals At Paradise Group Of Restaurants

Canton Paradise – NEW Outlet At Marina Bay Sands + Unbelievable S$1 Deals At Paradise Group Of Restaurants

Canton Paradise has opened a new outlet at Marina Bay Sands, complete with a swanky interior, lots of natural light (when you dine during the day-time), and lively atmosphere.

Now you know where to go when you are looking for ALL-DAY dim sum, roast specialties, Hong Kong style congee and noodles, and Cantonese wok-fried dishes at MBS. I reckon that many are still unaware of this new branch.

This 6th outlet of Canton Paradise is located at The Shoppes L1-02 Bay Level (closer to the theatre side), directly above the skating rink.

[If you have an OCBC Card, do check out the promotions that you can enjoy at Paradise Group of restaurants. For the current promotion till 28 April 2017, you get to enjoy a dish of Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken at Canton Paradise for only S$1 with a minimum spend of S$30.]

With quality dim sum and Cantonese cuisine all day, here are 10 highlight dishes you can find at Canton Paradise’s new outlet at Marina Bay Sands:

Handmade Meatball Congee (S$9.80)
The consistency of this Cantonese style congee should stand out. As I scooped up a spoonful, I could tell by appearance that it had a velvety smooth and silky texture.

Using a combination of Japanese pearl and Thailand fragrant jasmine rice, this is a result of dedicated effort by the chefs who constantly stir the pot to ensure its uniformity.

It reminded me of a good old Hong Kong style congee, looking pearly-white and plain, but tasty enough. I also liked the pork meatballs which were freshly prepared by hand, and had a firm elastic bite.

Dried Shrimps Noodle (S$11.80)
I seldom find Dried Shrimp Noodles (also known as ‘ha zi meen’) in Singapore, at least good ones, so I knew I needed to order this.

The dish was frankly not bad, using springy noodles imported weekly from Hong Kong, tossed in dried shrimp roe powder that wasn’t too salty. I liked that the noodles weren’t clumped together as well.

Its accompanying bowl of soup prepared using dried ocean-dwelling flatfish, fresh chicken and pork ribs made a worthy appetising ‘side-kick’.

Roast Specialities – Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken (U.P. S$13.80, S$1 for OCBC Credit/Debit Cardmembers. T&Cs apply)
Canton Paradise is popular for its array of roast specialities such as the Crispy Roast Duck (S$17.80), Crackling Pork Belly (S$18.80) and melt-in-the-mouth BBQ Pork Belly with Honey Sauce (S$22.80).

Do not miss the Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken, where you can savour the succulence and flavours for ONLY S$1 with your OCBC Card (with a minimum spend of S$30, U.P. S$13.80).

Double-boiled Superior Chicken Soup (S$12.80, with Penny Bun S$14.80)
Mums should like this. A nourishing bowl of clear chicken soup cooked for 7-8 hours, containing tender fall-off-the-bone kampong chicken thigh within. Comforting.

Dried Sakura Shrimps with Scallion Oil Tofu (S$13.80)
Possibly one of my favourite dishes at Canton Paradise – just simple, unassuming tofu.

The tofu was ultra-smooth, turned out that it was prepared using mineral water and premium soy beans which would lead to a silkier texture. The slab was topped with Japanese Sakura shrimps which added some crisp and saltiness. I found that this dish paired well with congee.

Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Piggy Bun (S$6.80/3 pieces)
Too CUTE to eat, and you just couldn’t resist taking a few more photos to cute-tify your Instagram gallery.

Sometimes I would discount the taste of ‘instagrammable’ food, because somethings gotta give. Yah?

These adorable pinky piggy buns actually turned out to be quite tasty – lightly savoury and sweet at the same time. All three flowed molten salted egg yolk lava, added with a touch of vanilla essence to enhance the taste of the filling.

Steamed White Chocolate with Walnut Charcoal Bun (S$2.90/piece)
A bamboo charcoal powder bun with white chocolate and walnut fillings. This was one dim sum dish that didn’t quite work for me – wished that there were more ingredients on the inside. Perhaps having it as a lava version could have worked better?

Chinese-style Sweet Red Bean Pastry in a Bag (S$6.80/3 pieces)
For something sweet after the meal, have these crumbly, delicate pastries filled with soft, sweet red bean.

Durian Pudding (S$5.60)
I have a love-hate relationship with durian, so am not the best person to critique this dessert. But would intrigue enough people to order.

The aroma was strong, and durian flavour was definitely game-on. Try it and let me know. (Tip of the day: have a mint after.)

Hong Kong Milk Tea (S$3.20 for hot, S$4.00 for cold)
Quite authentic Hong Kong Milk Tea – was smooth with slightly bitterness, and a literally cool touch by the placement of the bottle in a container of crushed ice.

Canton Paradise Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue #01-02 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
 Singapore 018972

Tel: +65 6688 7052
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm, Last Order 10:00pm (Mon – Thu)
10:30am – 11:00pm, Last Order 10:30pm (Fri – Sun, Eve of PH, PH)

Unbelievable S$1 Deals with OCBC Cards
Other than the S$1 Superior Soy Seasoned Chicken at Canton Paradise, look out for other irresistible S$1 deals across all 10 Paradise Group concepts.

S$1 Double-Boiled Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs at Paradise Classic
Indulge in your favourite soup at any Paradise Classic outlets for a health boost! At just S$1 (U.P. S$24.80) with a minimum spend of S$30.

S$1 Tom Yum Soup with Sea Prawns at ParaThai
Enjoy this firepot at just S$1 (U.P. S$19.90) with a minimum spend of S$30, and complete your Thai experience.

S$1 Drink at LeNu
With every order of noodles, you can now order a drink of your choice at just S$1 (U.P. S$2).

S$1 Per 100g Sri Lankan Crab at Seafood Paradise
Indulge in your favourite Sri Lankan Crab with sweet succulent meat and tasty roe at just S$1 per 100g for one crab, with every S$80 spent at Seafood Paradise, limited to 2 redemptions per bill per table.

S$1 Braised Sliced Duck at Paradise Teochew Restaurant
Authentic taste of this classic dish at just S$1 (U.P. S$18) with a minimum spend of S$50 at Paradise Teochew Restaurant.

S$1 Poached Rice with Assorted Seafood in Lobster Broth at Taste Paradise
At just $1 (U.P. S$32) with a minimum spend of S$60 at Taste Paradise.

S$1 Assorted Balls Platter at Paradise Hotpot
Assorted Balls Platter consists of four different types of handmade balls. Available at just S$1 (U.P. S$11) with a minimum spend of S$30.

S$1 Otak-otak Fish Paste at Beauty in The Pot
Inspired by the Asian delight otak-otak, savour the creation of spicy and savour Otak-otak Fish Paste at just S$1 (U.P. S$10) with a minimum spend of S$50.

S$1 Specialty Xiao Long Bao at Paradise Dynasty
Savour the unique eight flavours of this traditional delicacy at just S$1 (U.P. S$14.80) with a minimum spend of S$30.

Promotional offers are valid till 28 April 2017, except on eve of and public holidays. Other terms and conditions apply. For more information, head over to

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with OCBC Cards.

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