Four Seasons Catering – CNY Prosperity Party Box, Good For 10, Halal and Fuss-Free

Four Seasons Catering – CNY Prosperity Party Box, Good For 10, Halal and Fuss-Free

Already searching for Chinese New Year food for family and friends?

Tough one, I know. So when I saw this CNY Prosperity Party Box called “Wang Wang” 旺旺 from Four Seasons Catering, I thought, “This is interesting”.

Our impression of catered food could be still in the “traditional” view of warmer trays piled up with the typical items.

That is when buffet setting can be deemed time consuming for some, and then food has to be quickly finished when the keepers arrive again.

The 旺旺 Prosperity Party Box is not quite the norm.

Priced at $288 (for 10 pax, $308.16 with GST, here’s how it works: The boxes are delivered (or self-collected) in a set, complete with full utensils, biodegradable plates ware and disposable mat and recycle bags. (Great for the lazy people. Haha.)

Step 1: Carry
Step 2: Open
Step 3: Spread the food out
Step 4: EAT

It has a uniquely design packaging which comes in a set of five ang-pao red-coloured boxes, somewhat with the length of a pizza container, tied up with a fixed red ribbon.

You can also purchase it and deliver it to the venue as a gift set to a house gathering.

Portion wise, the food is good for a group of 8-10 pax. Only 100 sets are available, and it is HALAL.

If you are wondering what the contents are, the main highlight includes Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng with in house chef concocted Kumquat Dressing (this item is placed out of the box in a round container), Salted Egg Slipper Lobster, Triple Golden Snacks, and Seafood Bee Hoon with shredded scallop

The 旺旺 Prosperity Party Box consists of:

Prosperous Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng with Kumquat Dressing
The must-have for any CNY gatherings, for everyone to Huat-Huat while enjoying this ‘Chinese Salad’.

The Kumquat dressing is specially concocted in-house, giving the yusheng a sweet-meets-zesty finish.

Triple Golden Snacks
Probably will be a hit with kids (and those young at heart). This tray includes crispy fried Prawn Twister, Golden Pumpkin Croquette, Prosperous Lava Sesame Ball with Golden Salted Egg Yolk (Mine didn’t flow, and you probably need to microwave for 30 seconds or so to get that oozy effect.)

Golden Salted Egg Slipper Lobster
So generous. 10 pieces of chunky slipper lobster, coated in the favourite IN-sauce of golden salted egg yolk.

Steamed Chicken with Chinese Chicken Sausage & Red Dates
One of those dishes that tasted like Chinese home-cooked food, in a good way. As the chicken meat was steamed, the chunks still remained the juiciness and tenderness even though it was packed for a while.

Golden Fish with Pineapple Sauce
Deep fried fish slices coated with sticky tangy-sweet pineapple sauce.

Braised Flower Mushroom with Broccoli
Surprisingly, the broccoli was in the ‘right’ green colour (and not yellow-green which would be an indication of over-cooking), and the braised mushrooms had a soft bite.

Seafood Bee Hoon with Shredded Scallop
The white char bee hoon that is flavourful on every strand.

Yam Paste with Golden Pumpkin Puree
The Teochew favourite ‘Orh Nee’ dessert in cup-form – sweet mashed pumpkin puree on top, yam paste on the bottom. Eat them separate or mix them all up.

I am imagine who this will be suitable for: If you are organising a party for a small group, want to get a range of food the fuss-free way, dining with a group who is game to try something fun, or having a cosy gathering (with some space constraints).

This is for you.

Citi Cardmembers Exclusive:
a. Self-Collect Orders: Enjoy 15% off 旺旺Party Box (Prosperity Party Box) from 5 Jan – 11 Feb 2017.
b. Delivery Orders: Enjoy 10% off 旺旺Party Box (Prosperity Party Box) from 5 Jan – 11 Feb 2017. Terms & conditions apply. While stocks last as there are only 100 sets available.

Other notes:
– Delivery is available from 7am to 7pm. Additional surcharge and minimum order amount applies for timing before 7am or after 7pm.
– Four Seasons Catering is opened on eve of Chinese New Year 27 Jan 2017 & last delivery to address at 1pm.

Transportation Charges:
– Transportation charge of $40.00 ($42.80 W/GST) applies from 02 Jan to 26 Jan 2017 and 05 Feb to 12 Feb 2017. Charges are waived for orders of 60 pax & above.
– Transportation charge of $50.00 ($53.50 W/GST) applies from 27 Jan to 04 Feb 2017.

Surcharges for CBD Areas:
– Additional Surcharge of $10.00 ($10.70 W/GST) applies for CBD area and Orchard areas (First 2 digits of the postal code: 01,03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 22 & 23).

For more information, head over to:

Four Seasons Catering
Tel: +65 6383 3003
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon – Sun)
Email: [email protected]

* This post is brought to you in partnership with Four Seasons Catering.

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