Café R&C – The Cutest Latte Art From This Café At Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Café R&C - The Cutest Latte Art From This Café At Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

[Hong Kong] This slightly obscure café near Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay caught my attention with its very cute latte art.

Upon scrolling the geotag on Instagram, I realised that the amount of different patterns created by this barista was particularly extensive.

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

Café R&C is popular among the food instagrammers and youth in Hong Kong for its latte with drawings of cartoon characters, anything from Disney, Minions, Doreamon to Pokemon.

Unlike some cafes I know that probably have a couple of latte art signatures which might not differ much, this café offers just about anything. That was a folder of previously done works (like in a cake shop) and there was a least more than a hundred of them

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)
Available in different colours, the green latte (HK$40), would be green tea, yellow banana, purple sweet potato, and blue… I do not know what this is.

”Could you do a Doreamon and Minion?” These were two of my favourite characters.

I noticed that the barista painted the entire face without any reference to existing photos. As each cup was patiently drawn on, it might take about 5 minutes at least to get your coffee ready.

Both lattes tasted interestingly-weird, especially the banana latte (the blue was just milky-sweet), even though we would have expect taste to be lower on the priority.

Their lunch menu included items such as Smoked Duck Breast Salad (HK$78), Spaghetti with Chicken In Spinach Sauce (HK$78), Spaghetti with Crab Meat in Cream (HK$88) and Spicy Mined Pork and Egg with Rice (HK$68).

However, most online reviews gave the food a rather average rating.

Café R&C has successfully carved out a niche for itself. However, this could be a double-edged sword as customers kept focus on only the designs, and not anything else.

Café R&C
G/F, 22-24 Haven Street, Causeway Bay (About 10 min from Causeway MTR Exit F1)
Tel: +852 2890 9838
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm (Sun – Thurs), 11:30am – 12:00am (Fri – Sat)

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