5 Places In Singapore To Get Light Bulb Drinks – Let There Be Light Bulbs

5 Places In Singapore To Get Light Bulb Drinks - Let There Be Light Bulbs

Spotting food trends has become a ‘hobby’ of mine. Strange, I know. But nothing stranger than drinks served in LIGHT BULBS?

Ah-huh. When cafes in countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea sell beverages in light-bulb shaped containers, it won’t be before long that F&Bs in Singapore follows suit.

Some called this Instagram-worthy, some regarded this as wa-yang aka “for show”, but nevertheless, these cute light bulb bottles caught our attention. (What would Thomas Edison feel if he knew?)

Things to note if you have the intention of selling these:
1. If you are the first shop selling light bulb drinks in Singapore. Good for you. If you are Number 10, maybe you should reconsider. The trend may not last very long.

2. Don’t overly mark-up prices of drinks just because they come in fancy containers.

3. The packaging may matter, but what counts most is the content.

4. Not all drinks look good in bulbs. Colours play a part.

5 Places In Singapore To Get Light Bulb Drinks

(Photo credit: Nicholas Tan @stormscape)

Bubbs 1 Irving Place, #01-06
As their name implies, Bubbs sells a variety of bubble tea such as Black, Green, Oolong Tea ($2.20), Milk Tea ($3.20 – $3.50), Fruit Tea ($2.70 – $2.90), Yakult ($3.50) and Ice Blend ($4).

The cute little light bulb bottles ($3) are available for all drinks except Yakult and Ice Blend, and we believed that most people are there for the bottles.

Dazzling Café Orchard Gateaway
Dainty pretty café meets light bulb drinks. *ding ding* Get you fruit teas such as Fresh Tropical Fruit Tea contained in bulbs, and spend some time taking your selfies.

Oh My Café Westgate
This Korean café goes a step further. There is LIGHT in their straws (don’t worry about getting electrocuted while drink.)

Their drinks are brightly coloured (hmmmmm), think White Grape Lemonade, Blue Lemonade, Yuzu Nade, Grape Fruit Nade, and Omija Nade, priced at $5.40. They sell the containers in bulk too.

2Six Café (Katong Square)
2Six Café is so named, as it is a café where two to six persons can get together. Only their fruit juices ($4.50 – $7.50) are contained in these bulbs.

Guksu Korean Restaurant (Suntec City)
Guksu is going through a menu revamp, and one of their newest addition is this Jeon-Gu Watermelon Soju Cocktail.

(Korean restaurant Chicken Up may sell them too.)

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  1. Oh, it seems that my country has bring ideas from Singapore, i remember that light bull drinks in my country is really simple with only have milk tea. However, there is variety of light bull drinks in Singapore. Really like it!

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